inconsequential fallacies and the hands of tiny gods


one two stop

incision, incision (crevice)

callous differential calculus

teratology precept within corn syrup

extant, independent of atomic clock

(your gravity disrupts its accuracy)

render madness in spoonfuls

mutilated precision, gnashing of teeth

mutant perfection or free formed dodecahedron

mindful now of chattering cinnamon

hands below the waist and rope burns

in a (T)rapist van waste away little hopes

forensic apathy a stretch to maven viral

proxy cast klaxon call over maple fields

in all ways the same, always the same

wave-particle duality forces action

different paths under observation

there are no solutions,  querilous complexity

hook in mouth like spring silver trout

caught, out of water, out of air, out of time

interdimensional falsehoods deify spacetime

smallest particles defy those gods

who truly rules this _________

what does it take to belong, laboratory

of linen and hateborne bindings

gasping out bile and blood and afterbirth

sacrosanct nonchalance

welcome to the diamond age

intelligently crafted


there remains an elegance

in this tragedy

wire hanger cut grinding smile

bear witness at the altar of ivory tower

learn submission to better serve

the wrong lord(s)

vitium virginis, martini shaken and stirred

lines crossed and visions blurred

when it all stops, it comes to you (or not you)

at the most fundamental

levels of existence

everything breaks down


beyond human comprehension

survival in superluminal motion

atoms can create big bangs(retribution)

could there be anything more just

or beautiful than hunted

becoming hunter

by the right Hand of God.



image courtesy of @NASA

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