dreams are necromancy

fall of a whisper

still carrying weight

foreign dust on my tongue

force thoughts of you,

I hate that.

loss, but not remembering

orange crush and bible juice

I can bathe in memories.

dead between the eyes

buckshot teeth

strangle me into holiday

crushing rocks in locust song

blasphemy in every note

unsung, unheard

ketamine jitters ravage

snake’s revenge on ice

I’m a savage lost in civility

cogito ergo you glitterboys

caught in tete-a-tete with no one

(or you or myself, it’s unclear)

heavy conversation but quickly bores

(into)me, a state of fugue

without glue everything splits

in two or too…..

minus you, all collapses

I sift through those dreams

this necromancy I despise

just to catch a glimpse

your specter

my revenant

soft oh’s premeditate

surprise at demise

I cannot shake that image

hard to find a path

when you do not know

which way to turn,



image courtesy of Pinterest






11 thoughts on “Necromancy

      1. You’re so welcome, dear heart. ❤ I walking a pretty fine line at the moments, but I think it's what I need right now. I've been feeling a nagging, so I'm just trying to pay attention to whatever it is that's speaking to me. If that makes any sense?

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