OP’s TSotD-Overkill

Standin’ at the crossroads
which way you gonna go
and what you gonna do
when it comes
bargainin’ a gasoline
take a ride on this machine
gonna get me some
when it comes
Just how far you gonna go
somebody should let you know
once you’re in you ain’t gettin’ out
put aside your foolish pride
so you take just one more ride
I don’t think you know
what it’s about
here it comes
Ridin’ on a livin hell
got another soul to sell
right is right and wrong is wrong
life’s a dream
on this machine
and lasts just about as long
so ya think you know it all
and when you ride you never fall
well I got some news for you
entice you with a wicked smile
take a ride for a while
seems that the news is true
yes it’s true.
Oh take me away
on the ride of your life
oh put me away
last time of my life
Ten thousand nightmares
ten thousand years
ten thousand martyrs crying
ten million tears
all the thinking never done
all the murder all the fun
wash the blood from your hands
bury your secrets in the sand
and forget
your mouth gonna dry
shortness of breath
symptoms of fear
symptoms of death
Tracks go on for miles
through the agony and smiles
layin’ there in pieces on the ground
what the hell you take a chance
krusher calls make your stance
when you’re dead you never make a stand
Race with the devil
engine’s slowin’ down
fifty years too early
you’re laying underground… you’re krushed.

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