Wistful Poison-revised

wistful poison

I obfuscate my temptation

by metaphor

poisoning the flowers

I love, and feed weeds

choking at root of square

problems with memento mori

I don’t feel like sunshine today

so pull the curtain, fade

to black ensemble choirs’ aria

trembling hand to hold

onto means nothings were tainted

absinthe and woe

charlatan payday, and hey

you would to if anyone were

that dumb

deaf to the notion I bespoke

upon trodden

it’s a chemical reaction

playing out in this

hospice bed, they won’t let you

die, it hurts the profit margin

I color outside lines

standing in rain for another

life I didn’t want to have

more time with myself, I’d

rather fallout shelter

this cold ambition.

seeking solace I located solitude

at your mom’s old beach house

she really wanted to know

what the fuck I was doing there

I told her, “I’m looking for a former

day I misplaced”, she called the cops

anyway I fled the flood

of calls that went unanswered

’cause I wouldn’t know what to say

who does these days?

pen in my right hand

revolver in left

I am unsure which one

I want to use first

I so much want to see you

Again I wish that wishing

really worked upon facing

this trying time of nomenclature

wistful and underneath

breath you exhaled, I should

have followed the wind

at your back

sailed for blue sea, see

that’s part of the penance I think,

gazing at full sails billowing,

standing on dry land, still

I poison the flowers

and feed weeds.

I am so in need, and despondent

a wretch of wistful arrogance.

My fist is filled with spite,

harbinger of right or wrong

to be, o William

you bright bastard

that is always the question

I fucking hate your questions

but will query juxtaposed

autopsies just the same.


you ever saw me.


image courtesy of https://youneedacocktail.com/

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