New Year-Revisited


I do not live

last day of the year

it is like a little death

rough brush, burlesque

settles in my bones

old spectre dropping dreams

in spite of my screaming

I do not like the end of the year

it’s too heavy, flaunting the blues

in cursive

graffiti on my center that don’t come off

nether wind crawling

outside the view

is the same one

as last year

I fear, my dear, my tears

do not want the savage

drop-down slap-back kissing


the champagne wet dream

on my face and chest

recall the last to fall

uptown diamond souled

hustle with a 10 million dollar ball

I do not want

the finish of the year

for an end to me

an ends to be

the mirror is never more clear

spent truisms corrode

bent love shoulder

quake to the time of harvest

slate-colored fornicators

afflicting my ambitions

for I am the end

of the year

ticking of the clock

forcing my submissions

I do not renew

I come to chew

through all the


for none of the revelry is true

nothing, nothing is really new

just the same old me

the same old you

and our tears

smeared all over

another new year


34 thoughts on “New Year-Revisited

  1. Wow!! Every day brings a better of us…the next year is gonna be fantastic…it won’t be a little death will be a little hope to live more..
    Bakshish wishing you a very happy new year.😃😃😃

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  2. Late since I’ve been swamped – I feel reading this I was brought through several scenes and emotional cross examinations. Your work is very emotional. It touches on themes we all endure. Perfect photo choice too.

    Liked by 1 person

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