Theories behind your albatross-Revisited


Theories behind your albatross

Make larger matters seem,ah, trite

Burning skin overlaps cool indifference

Betraying the undertones of speech

Creature comforts in a word

It’s absurd, lingering at the window

Thinking of times that cannot be now

This intercourse of decay, discourse

with whom we pray, an interlude

I did nothing different today

Some words, thinly written and

Barely read carry more weight

Than shoulders can bear

Other words, boldly displayed

And seen too often

Bring less forbearance

Than smoke adrift on air

Of wind and supplication

The bending of to and fro

Enamoured of subjugation

Alas, the lass has become

Lazy and slow, consumed with show

I will follow the course set in stone

Written by the quills of the quiet gods

Who have the Knowing

The eyes to see your true burden

Spite and ire and blindfolded obeisance

Few will read these lyrics

Less will understand

I am noone special, a cipher

However, the universe speaks

Through these hands.

I will take the albatross

And bury him by the hill

After you are free of evil weight

Fade will I and no more libretto

From my pen will spill

For as I may be nothing

Merely emissary bringing rote

These hands possess

Their own will

The notion is caught in throat


image courtesy of Pinterest

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