That one time I saw you

that one time


It felt like the first time

the last time I saw you

I was reeling back

that life line I threw

to you when you fell

down in that hole

you carry around

It was mystery, and pain

horror and disdain

a curse I just knew

that I could break, as I was

a sorcerer in love with hurt

the hypnotic call of that chasm

drew me in, and how I could

close this portal of dolor

return colour to your world

but no.

I slowly began to discover

it was an abyss you had already

surrendered to wholly, and

to me it was just a fucking hole

sucking everything down

to feed the words of black.

I was a dreaming fool

to believe

I would be the one to save

a black widow never lets

her mate go.

you did, though.

The last glimpse I had of you

I could again see the breathing

of that aura, pulsing.

I saw you see me, and

quickly look away.

You saved me.

I wondered who your victim

is today.

I heard that you left

going right off the bridge

I guess you figured

it was the only way.

The holes must always be filled,

but some take.

image courtesy of Pinterest

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