the musing and meandering

of formless thoughts

etching themselves in the night

a tomcat chasing his tail

in the barnyard

pat-pat-pat, sounds of falling rain

dripping into a puddle outside the window

of love and loss and candy

drunk on obsessions of the never-had

wooden crosses turned ironwood rose

sheepish in their noble quality

a kinship with the forsaken toys

of Christmas past

the artifacts of adolescence

adults no longer care for

crescendo pounding into the forebrain

annotating the unthinkable

transgression against the unknowable

desperate for a companion’s voice

meditating on the throbbing silence of exile

it is a start but not the opening

a lost chapter of the story

what are the ways to find

a making of tribulation?

Sow, and reap child

sow and reap.

but, first must come the planting

off the path

following the heart’s demands

to grow

image courtesy of Pinterest

30 thoughts on “pedantic

  1. A powerful message, OP. This is especially poignant for me bc of the image. My son has always has his bear with him everywhere he goes. Bear is as old as he is and is in such dilapidated condition that he is hardly recognizable as anything other than a vaguely bear shaped scrap of worn cloth. I had often thought of bear as his talisman against the world. A good luck charm and a point of safety. Lately I had notice that bear is getting left behind more and more…a necessary but also sad part of his “growing up”. But yesterday I was taking him somewhere and he said to hold on a minute and disappeared into his room. He returned with bear shortly after and took him with us.

    I began to realize he may never give up bear entirely. And that, to me, seems almost joyous in some respect.

    Well done, Sir!

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    1. Thank you for sharing this Eric. It is indeed a sad part of growing up. I’m not sure that it’s necessary though. Is it possible that if more of us were to hold onto a bit of youth we could find more happiness as adults? It’s an interesting question

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      1. I think I agree with that wholeheartedly. It’s been a comfort for me to believe that maybe bear serves as a reminder to him of all the things he has learned to this point in his life. It’s been my intention to find a way to preserve him once it is plainly evident that he no longer is being taken from place to place. Because I hope to give it to him when he heads out into the world on his own. Maybe it will always be something that will ground him against hardships he might have to deal with.

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      1. I’m nobody! But I am happy for your respect. I need to get out more. I’ve had my head up my own blog’s ass for too long.

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