a fallow umbrage

permeates the dust,

with callow countenance

chalk outlines of yesterday

lightning and mad science

will not resurrect the past

ghastly import lines

crawl webs on cheeks

mouth working in anger

sends gravestone chill

weary of this wintry disdain

clasping the handle

of a shovel

excavation continues.

I cannot rest until

this casket is filled

and buried.

image courtesy of Pinterest

30 thoughts on “digging

      1. Ugh that health stuff. I hear you, Dennis. I’m sorry you suffer with those things. No easy answer. (one of my latest health soap boxes is staying away from aspartame. 😁you know, like everything. Everything will kill us, darn it. 🤡 ) But i’m cutting back on sugar, i’m hopeless, but i have to. i feel so much better for it. Chocolate just for weekends now. I know, i can’t believe i said that out loud haha. but definitely makes a difference with inflammation.
        missed you too

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      2. I’m glad you’ve found something that’s working for you. I’m seeing a specialist in Austin now and we seem to be making some progress. It’s slow going though. If anything, all this pain shit has taught me patience


      3. So glad to hear! Yeah i often tell people not to pray for patience because God sends things to test our patience ha! I repeat, do not pray for patience.
        I agree though. And i’m definitely more compassionate as I age, everyone has heartbreak. Brokenness unites. And a good red hehe 🍷

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