World Poetry Day, yay


use your indoor voice

said the monster to the man

grinding turbine winter of solace

nocturne animalization of our future

sedate the sedition

cut away cancer clean

parabolic nations

offer love to the fidelity of distress

comatose virulent vocations

of nihilistic interventions


with no plan you take the stand

and garble truths to headline time

universe just waiting for the next take

push back gender war fealty

pay what you owe you know

blast from the past, happenstance

ma ma ma ma microphone

tiptoe to the wilting

only raise your finger in traffic

furnace speaks its own way

harvest shrapnel mincemeat in the hay

everyone is all good, just ask

and they will say so

but who are we fucking kidding

Jethro Tull induced head spin

march to the pied piper of

insured reformation degradation

balk and take the walk

slapshot newscast telling

the gods what they most want to hear

and fertilize the fears, sow the seeds of discord

I’m bored, tell me a story

vicar vacationing in Fiji

with a 12yr old and an 8th of dimethocaine

Ground Hog Day on Broadway

Beauty and the Beast with Hermione

enterfuckingtain us right now

help me forget the failing

bless me not to see

please use your indoor voice

said the monster to the thief

use your words to strike a chord

to me that is poetry



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