The Lists


Common sense entangled

with rapture

and the moonshine

filters through the myths

viewing the lists

avenues of smoke in rhapsody

guiding dreamers to die

a mask of fools

perpetuates the folly

Salient in its paternal might

warden please remember

not all we know was wrong

fortunes fold into the black-light

fading into the throng

finding stigmata in waning past

Virulent friends sing praises

knowing they cannot last

torrent rains fall away

you cannot hope for repast

the birds of prey prepare to dine

time now to end the fast

killing mine

to cut a line

communication ceases in

advent affairs

the road home broken

as the bodies they wear

12 thoughts on “The Lists

  1. d’oh! i was lurred heree with moonshine only for it to filter through the trees 😛 hope the water sonn streaming through fingers’ grasp@ i’m curious even still, the best of us read and read a bunch, i being a horrendous sinner write poetry but largely do not read anything booked or at least for long – but I like reading the lesser dieties of blogsmiths of the words. i guess i can be out fancied and lost. so i lnotice you cover the darker mentions from scanning some of the recent offerings, do you like you dostoevski? do you like crouton’s on a cowpie for the cowboy entries of humor through raspingly awful opines? do you rhapsodize over the illiad or other historic ilk? when can i hope to see you sum it up sumerian style? warning NOT corporately approved or child appropriate!

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