I’m paling

impaling the failings

trailing on the railing

behind the asterisk

after my name

so often the same

a green rendering in chalk

and ash and shadow

lurking undone

I shun the way home

and turn towards dark

recourse, of course

I find no one

the ghost of a mother

once gave me some advice

now I only follow

the delicate side of hate

I’m in love with the shape

the taste of fear is clear

I sip some accent

far from here

I wander to wonder

what have I become

to be the one to dance

in a damned ballet

of uncertain fate

reflections show my face

in a lake but I cannot see

if I am above or under

this veneer of crystal

water is the elixir of life

the ocean a cunning devil

I sleep in the ferns at dusk

listening to stars that fall

their cries remind me of

the ghost, the mother

whom once said to flee

‘run my boy before you

too fade.’

I never looked back

I fear I am now lost

i will not fade away…

image courtesy of Pinterest

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