Book Release: Magpie in August & Constant Muses- Kindra M. Austin

This woman can write. So happy for and proud of my (internet-adopted) sister.

Sudden Denouement Collective

Sudden Denouement is proud to spread the word that Kindra M. Austin’s Books Magpie in August & Constant Muses are available for purchase.

Constant Muses, a collection of poems and prose, is available at and for Kindle, and in paperback.


©Kindra M. Austin/Cover Art by Allane Sinclair

Magpie in August (Kindle and paperback) is available at or

Magpie in August, set in the thumb region of Michigan, is the narrative of Magpie Carey, an acerbic young woman on a soul searching journey with her alcoholic mother in tow. This trip in particular is the most difficult Magpie has yet to face, as she must culminate her strength in order to fulfill a promise sorely made, and at last confront those who haunt her—both living, and dead.

©Kindra M. Austin/Cover Art by Allane Sinclair

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