Be home before dawn, she said

but she forgets my insolence

plastered upon my skin

like moisture in monsoon

I glide, purposeful

waking in my wake

the aspirations of the none

with quiet spells of assumption

forging disillusion for the prideful

the gifts I bring are a curse you know

I pull the winners into the lands

of the sorrowed

culling the shameful with frost

and fears of tomorrow

I am that which you seek

and fail to find

I wield the might which you wish

to bring against the walls

of your enemies

As I dance over the winded nights

and into your dreams I send

my frights.

I am the lost and stolen

they seek revenge for all

the petty insults and minor injustices

you have wrought

She knows that I seek mischief

and at times she takes what I give away

for that is her way, to bring love

even to those who are not worthy

but I am a vengeful spirit

though I do not act with malice

it is my way

to bring low the false

and scrawl their names

on Judgement Day

image courtesy of Pinterest and Alexander Smutko

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