Subsurface Tensions


subsurface tension

subversive intentions

minute shift

an overlay in contrast

dark, sharp parlance

isolate and insolent

reprobate mind

bind the line into

agnostic affront

A lesion of grandeur

corpulent cartilage crumbles

vitriolic gaze

miasma of mouth

fetid obfuscation

of intent and ire

the contempt in feature

makes for poor liar

hand and tongue

oxygen and fire

what to watch for

decimate dissent, ergo

deified by ego


of spray pattern

unholy hollow

hallowed by thy shame

razor eats jagged path

into shivering skin

blood pools to flow

bringing clarity

the focal locus

crimson satin

of Manifest Destiny

take what is not


trampled beauty

under foot

boot-heel jack-knife

to rinse and repeat

felonious and frank

you get what you pay for

monopoly on sorrow

submit to the sunshine

more ardor you will receive


sever chain on heart

and run from this place

they will eternally recall

your failures

but never your name or face

imprisoned by time and space

what’s the matter?, no matter

you’re just matter

vomited by dying star

learn well my lessons

petulant child

and be damned

in this love

reminded always

by the scars



image courtesy of Pinterest






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