Weight of Ways


It’s the way


I am weighed down

It is the words

that are storming

in the back of

my head

It’s the dead

and words said

It’s the waydown

solve my mystery

for me

I condone

but do not belong

We all strive

to keep alive

the slow songs

of the last dawn

It weighs down

on a heart

concurrent salvations

in a place

of damnations

What belongs here

and those apart

catcalls and masturbations

apartheid and


it is the weighing


done unto one

form of another


scratching the serial

to provoke the


killer craftwerk in cold


it’s the way


compound fracture

of my disposition

alleviate happenstance

and dance the jig

of denigration glance

I fall

and follow

the formations

of this long

fucking line


It weighs me down

In this queue

with you

It may behoove you

to lose

that lovely sneer

My Dear,

because here

we are all the same

no matter your

position or title

fortune or fame

we all weigh the same

on the way down

We are the heaviest

most times after


it is the fear

steer clear

of the connotations

concrete assertions

are near

but to hear

toe the line

and walk

in step

with the Word

on your way


It weighs on me

much too heavy

to escape

your words follow me

with the wait of


and the weight of

the ways


11 thoughts on “Weight of Ways

  1. Your use of words here is amazing. I can’t think of a better way to put it. Your attention to detail with the phonetics, the way the words connect and intensify each other. It’s a piece that is just such a pleasure to read out loud. A really well crafted piece!

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