An unearthly visage set in grim mask.  It seems words come everyday, every way. Something happens; I know not what.  Majesty or tragedy.  Traffic.  I feel it gathering, like dust in antique store, West Texas.  Blind as a fool in a hurricane wind.  Some other sense pulling.  My soul grows restless and time of change is coming.

Caress the pattern.  Observe the mystery of sigla that speak of kings, mountains, wars, rivers, home.  A key to some greater meaning.  Criminal that we cannot find it.  Shopping malls and hospices.  Kerosene on my fingers.  The smell of orange and cardamom.

Something is coming, thickening the air.  Tangible.  I can almost touch it.  A saviour is coming.  A killer stalking.  A conflict.  Lost in interpretations.  Things become more difficult.  It is not unlike navigating a swamp.  The emptiness in life is consuming.  A diner on an old highway in Montana.  I cannot feel anything but the pain of it all.  Change in the weather.  A love so obsolete it never really existed.  Fire purges, you know.

Something is sleeping, dormant in the soul.  For each of us it is different.  If or when it will awaken, we do not know.  A phoenix from the ashes or a dragon reaping.  Understanding. Control.  Like the remote for my television. A light in the storm of despair.  Disrepair.  Infrastructure collapsing, rusting.  For every one right, wrong turns.

I wish to see with your eyes.  I pray I do not lose the ability to see it all, the subtle shifts, when the words come.  Binding, insistent.  To see….everything.  Build your castles.  I will construct mine.  Sand and glass.  Turrets and guards.  Wards.  Moats.  Protect myself from you all.  Misspent youth.  Fractured jaw and broken tooth.

Sorrow is my kingdom.  I wish I was simple.  To lose this longing for I know not what, to forget form of it for a spell.  That may be happiness.  It will also be my undoing; the loss of self.  Regrettable.  Reproach.  Collapse in the empty aisle of a liquor store.  Crying to try my best to get lost.  Found no one around.  Cathartic.

23 thoughts on “Sigma

      1. It was like getting to know a different side of you. I am very tired but I think I am trying to say something profound about the unexplored parts of your soul. Not well, of course, but I think that’s what I’m trying to say!

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