bruise and brush


orbits of never

coming together

I hammer nines

and convolute

gang signs

misnomers cast

breeding angst

and shiver

recognition of falter

eminence of function

and bewilder

patriots of jaundice

white bone pall bearing

sons of squalor

it’s the 3rd time

this year

sequester and harvest

all those cute little


they cut up my name

to make it easier to say

I hope it cuts their tongue

every time they decide

to bray the decay

worrisome lads

fleeing their feelings

and the creeping nausea

oh peeping Tom photograph

plucked from the ether

pay your registration fee

to remain a little less free

Summing up the ends

and fucking up the begins

very far away from the amends

intending to talk about

how much better we all want

to be

but to be, you must do

and to do, well

formulate a hypothesis

and take a deep breath

smell the shit in which

we dwell

and ask how much more

can we afford to sell?

wax poetic on the nonce

what more is there to say

take it as it comes

and try to knock down

another preconception,

at least once per day


image courtesy of Pinterest and Rachael Baran

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