Of rivers and mountains


old damage

with a new face

there is a tertiary peace

for fresh pain in another place

there is a minus

in the minutes

that hold the spaces

an old oak outside the library

still beats with the

letters set by

hands of innocence

a setting, not undone

only strengthened by

the passage of seasons

the loss is felt

in the memory

that is held

too close to

see clearly

with blurred vision

I no longer care to sing along

with the names that change

in the same old song

the rivers speak to me

of mourning

and the mountains, they are

calling me home


image courtesy of Cristina Otero and Pinterest

17 thoughts on “Of rivers and mountains

      1. Oh my friend, there’s no easy answer. I love that you express it. And in such divine ways. And hopefully you can draw some kind of comfort and/or strength from those of us who feel your words 😖 💞 🎶🍻💐🐨

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