Something Beautiful


I wanted to make

something beautiful…

avatar of dragon bone

Celtic sworl-painted warrior

adorned with cold starlight stare

of purest water

out of night sword bare

statuesque goddess of Greek proportion

portrait of love so vast

blooming roses painful, profane

I wanted to touch

something beautiful

fumbling naked fingers

unworthy buckling

harness to steed that

should never be


As free as thought upon

the canvas of naiveté

and youth

I wanted to see

something beautiful

majestic Merlin opus of majic

mellifluous articulation

of perfect runic song

echoing in the chambers

of every beating heart

thrumming in time to the pulse

of the multiverse

all of creation

in one microsecond




every conscious

tattooed with the internal


of you.

Something beautiful,

which we all eternally seek.

Something beautiful….


30 thoughts on “Something Beautiful

  1. I find this oddly. . . distracting. . . Olde Punk. Something about “fumbling naked fingers” and “unworthy buckling harness to steed that should never be mounted.” I suspect your female readers may all be blushing this afternoon! Lovely writing, just a little hard to get refocused on my work. . .

    Liked by 1 person

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