Lingering Shadows

lingering shadows

I linger in shadow

course by stone

Norse winter snow-white

tangible thoughts she brings

weep, o weep for us

a pallor mortis crosses crowded

feuds feasting, furrowing forces fade

a scar upon my face in measure

I linger in shadow

you know my name

but I do not seek your hand

you are not mine to claim

wilden beasts of yore fallen

have I seen

travail in many travels

victory and honor have

suffocated me, dulled my spear

brought ruin upon my sunlight

it all falls away softly

litany of solace written in sandstone

collars of gold make lovely bindings

unforgettable consequence

of driving rains awash over

countrysides of lies and cream

empires of wanton whispers

a host out of the storm desperate

to enter my mind

it’s the knowing that kills

so I linger in shadow

and haunt the early morn

I carry their retributions

and the touch of our unborn

you will always turn away

from the speech I spout

my words are swords

and leave no doubt

who the sinner is

in our ballet of shouts

absinthe pleasure and dark ales

lover’s sorrows, panting tongue

crowing the loss of that

heady tomorrow

gloss over your gossamer crown

but I linger in shadow

as you perpetuate the down

call for the priest

seek his prophetic foible

his pate is slick with sweat and hate

and the day’s alcohol

I burn to lay him low

taste the iron of his blood

a vintage not my own

as he feels the steel of my bite

I am ever your humble servant

and so I can only yearn

but do not strike the knave

you feel there is more to learn

I linger in shadow

along the shores and waves

foster you by moonlight

I raise the blade

for your honor

I kill without mercy

all that would follow

the wind at your back

and the poison of your love

I do swallow

I cower in your shadow

and rebel against the decree that

has made us hollow

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