bending low


bending low

it’s all the thoughts I cannot express

talking slow

the words you are forming

have no meaning

there’s no weight

speaking in zero gravity


all of the times we lost ourselves in yesterday

late nights of no tomorrow

summer kissing and bottled lightning

sweet nothings and keg parties

mushrooms and marijuana

dust under my fingernails

smelling of mesquite and bourbon

when did we die?

I am not sure I can quite remember the exact day

It may have something to do with what you’re trying to say

waiting for it now

bending low, gravel pressing through my jeans

forming itself into my knees

heart thundering, keeping pace with

the vowels that string together

this patois of goodbyes

you want to feed me

but I’m not hungry

It’s never quite enough

my quiet resistance quells some

of the spiteful harangue but you’re

so fucking persistent

I’ve never found you more lovely

I hope you find your happiness

Honest to God, I do

the beginning of my happiness

will be far away from you

bending low, I lay down in the dirt road

and watch you walk away sideways, such a different view

the taste of your whys color my palette anew

all of our moonlight amens

leave with you

bending low, time slow

it’s the words I wanted to say that

spill out of me and

mix with the dry clay and car exhaust

I believe they still cling to that

lost piece of farmland where we parted

in our yesterdays

26 thoughts on “bending low

  1. Very sad so inevitably I read it three times and approve 😉 I like that it’s a whole feeling captured in a moment, a complex series of feelings and closure. I am strange in that I do not fall in love easily nor can I say I have loved often, at all, and yet, when I have, it’s like you cannot ever rinse the feeling from you, and so I found this ultimately uplifting because it shows hope of being able to come over the other side of the feeling. Even if that were not present it understands the ache in a way many dismiss and perhaps terrifyingly do not feel. Is it possible to go through life not feeling? I believe many do, that frightens me.

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  2. I am glad to be here because I feel like I am not the alone in being so emotional, passionate, thinking of everything in one moment, life pains and wonderful highs all passing in a flash. You capture this so well.

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  3. “the beginning of my happiness
    will be far away from you
    bending low, I lay down in the dirt road
    and watch you walk away sideways, such a different view”

    This is not only a brave declaration to make but, in making yourself equal to the dust from which you came and to which you will return and are (paradoxically) able to see things for what they are, it is a spiritual truth.

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