Poetry Is Me


Aurora, bore me Alice

fled from my responsibilities

with a stolen smile

and a London overcoat

sickly sweet surrenders and citron martinis

just another Armageddon Wednesday

gaunt debutante sambas

your salsa burns baby

where I go

will you follow

me to show

me all I

can never know?

grandfather of no one

miasma of that great era

it tears at tears and fears

forests of folly fending famished

fiends of fire

hydrochloric acid words

educate my body in your ways

I am feeble and scrambled

like a short wave under water

running a hustle, bustle

slinging my game out on

the chained gang

I am so very upset about the abuse

candy corn and pop rocks

I come to at Halloween

with a headstone heartbeat

and a casket soft chin

corner the coroner in the culling

coming constantly close to craving

choices of clementine cremation

I understood, standing under

the bridge, unabridged

association with my location

coo coo for Cocoa Puffs

although I like the vampire better

why so cereal? All this talk

of Syria forced thoughts serial

killer milk murdering my breakfast

all those little pieces drowning

in the blessings that were promised

It’s a vivid sheen, gangsta lean

manic and mean, know what I mean?

I torch the LZ and burn

all in front of me

smoke and roar

like that dragon whore



empty flaccid permutations

cobwebbed in my head

drum up some sum

as I eat dim sum

spun up and done

46 22 17 and 5

I don’t know what the numbers mean

all of this written verbal masturbation

is helping to keep me alive

I am not poetry

poetry is me

I am not poetry

poetry is me

I am not poetry

poetry is me

I am not your answer

but the question?

aye, maybe

25 thoughts on “Poetry Is Me

    1. Hahaha I was so going to write the same Kindra. Freaking awesome. So glad I checked for other comments first!!
      Seriously Mr OP, be careful with such killer first lines, I’ll mindlessly like the whole thing. Fortunately, I’m not (quite) that superficial. But I am literally drinking a delicious coffee right now, so maybe that’s why. 💚💚💚

      Liked by 2 people

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