tremendous impacts

the words of labor

become mainstream sugar cube

swept from initial feelings

taken by abuse and ping times

never did you exist….

just dreaded and dreamt of

melancholy a sweetness of desperation

labyrinth of the hurting

should we go on entertaining

the death, are we going to far?

not to notice the starving, decadent

kissing men in modern legalities

organize the unions of hate

solve nothing but create

uncanny comprehensions

perception distorted depressions

breathe in the confusion

we drown in dust and aluminum

get into the rhythm of disobedience

poetic verse speaks soft, selling you

the nonsense and flaccid connotations

wrought of iron, strength of the fire

whispers to my killer

as I step off the ledge

pale fingers touching simple treats

pallid in twilight gasping, grasping

I retreat

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