corduroy gap

cover mouth

ingest frosted agony

seeping sloven slaughter

of the in-between

of loves and loss

jingle jingle boss man

taking Talis and cocaine

burden family with insolence

fail to rebel in the revolution

cacophony of protest protesting

against the opposition’s protests

par for the course, 4

Intuit the amalgamation

of sufferance

pish posh magpie

catch a parasite

in blood and eye

twist and shout black frame

gods eating pixels at 3am

ignorant of the perils

and pleasures of the flesh

and bone throne

upon tone of the operator

intones the catastrophic news

flooding the fires with personal bombs

that send you to heaven

a phone call away!

gird the paladin of ire

with mace and sword

all hail the chief!

and the penance due

the Lord in

asynchronous communication

atomic clocks tic-toc

hearts stop to the Glock

at 12 o’clock

high noon

a bit of doom

and there’s a 99% chance

of pain

the stain

will remain

plain as day

across the way

of corduroy gap

over mouth

endure the fallacy


bereavement blessed

weapon strikes

in autonomy

quoth the statesman,

“clever whore!”

she kept her texts

and where to next

but why seek bedding

in former

when own their own

beds they do


the abuse of power

and the winding hours

of perils and pleasure

of the flesh and mind

always to be caught

from behind

astute realizations

fervor of computations

sting of misconceptions

and formulaic regression

two steps forward

fall 6 feet back

Jesus please send

us a Life Hack

just not another hack

in a suit and tie

with shit for brains

and a twinkle in his eye

educate the masses

who swim in molasses

and cannot discern

stern and learned

to overcome

the collapse

of all concerned

static void hdl (int sig)
	got_signal = ZERO;

signal cockblocked and dropped

hack my code
reprogram soul
.dir/moral politics

image courtesy of Pinterest

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