the ashes of the undertow disperse

leaving us feeling futile

agnostic reintroduction

to the divine

caring for the lost

we strive to fill the loss

with cherries and hand grenades

I blame you no matter the cost

insouciant male pedigrees

dilapidate our once treasured

stories of peace and pieces

there was a forest

now no more

only scenic noir

fostered by hell’s children

advent the process

of elimination

and strangle my foothold

with your bony fingers

the touch of squirming eels

incarcerate the canon of dust

fall further into the frontier

of nothings and distaste

my Shadow looms above

my soul in someone’s soup

and all of these intangible

paradigms are strewn

on the trees as if

they were Christmas lights

my bucket list is full

of bullshit and lamentation

my heroes have all fallen

to the backchecking of heroin

I’m asking for the chronic

and getting the nostalgic

tighten up the noose

hoping for another savage lynching

the icecaps are melting

and I have nothing left to wear

on my head

crowns of thorn are cheap

in this town

but if I had a dime

it would be gone in no time

but not spent on a painful


I have enough suffering

of my own

we pilfer what love

we can when we are able

we lose it faster than we

can make it

fake and spit

corpulence is lit

aperture splitting

open across my face

and I vomit these things

that have been fighting

their way out for days

Take the mean

forsake the meaning

our past is not coming back

and we will fall again

so please see

I have to think

there will never be a cure

for one like me

my madness is a virtue.


31 thoughts on “suffer

  1. Beautiful poetry! I love the way this poem flows. “Our past is not coming back and we will fall again” So tragic and beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The language in this so captivated me that I read much of it out loud. You are fucking amazing

    “we strive to fill the loss/with cherries and hand grenades

    “my soul in someone’s soup/and all of these intangible/paradigms are strewn/on the trees as if/they were Christmas lights”

    “the icecaps are melting/and I have nothing left to wear”

    “my bucket list is full/of bullshit and lamentation/my heroes have all fallento the backchecking of heroin”

    Liked by 1 person

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