and the cartography of bone

radiant lies in a bed

of ashes

coals red enfolded

in carbon black

a forcing endorsed by the

sources of course

remnants of lives hide

in wake of ruined gaze

haunts cling to iris

spilling across chasms

of encounter

dry mouth


ruby derelictions

eroded convictions

millennial milestones

mark the miles making

up the millions

of modest mavens of


you have met.

Leech out the last

drop of my love

There is dust

on the counter

at least there is salt

for the meat

cloaked by night

and whisky-drenched shame

the inference is dirty

and naked

cold and bored

sore from the

beatings of discourse

inept and bereft

of your taste

copper and iron

orichalcum and nickel

silver and gold

All of it is

freezing to hold

the need to flee

almost succeeds

but your desires

supercede and intervene

that dark molasses pain

o, cherry child

you are so bold

move in huntress gait


Rites of passage

thin and taut

even as you know

this will bury you

the next step is ALL

that you want

soapy-eyed panther

sensing the vibrations

of energy and sound

pounding the air

in time with heart’s beat

waiting for motion

anticipating the fall

lavishing the dark

in love with callous clarity

and the death of our journey

Absinthe, ingested

and the cartography

of your bones

chart me a course

to your

shadowy disposition

23 thoughts on “Cartography

    1. thanks so much Em! Very kind of you. I am so happy you liked it. I’ve had a bit of writer’s block the
      past few weeks and this is the first thing I have written in a while.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Are you from this planet? Damn, dude. The hairs on the back of my neck are standing on end. Your gift is so outstanding.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. i am a big fan of the aesthetics which embody each of your pieces visual shape. it’s always syncs up in a manner reflective of the piece. it sounds weird to say, but i dig the shape of your expression lol

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That means a great deal to me Max. I do put a lot of effort into finding the right image for a poem. Thank you my friend 🙏


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