cogito ergo, dumb

and a thermonuclear son

soak up those rays

with my Ray-ban smile

so many ways

and many of them vile

I decompose the organics

of the argument

before it has begun

ki-ki-ki-kill it all

with my American manufacturing

and Eastern philosophy

I remember when we learned that

to the victor go the spoils

and the history gets changed

I will just edit those lessons

to fit today’s face

North, South, East, West

all of the cardinal directions

have seen slavery and the sun

stop shining the light on the roaches

and they will stop scurrying into the open

Mediate the media medially

do not give the cancer a home

the last time they gave a vulgar loon

a platform

he became king of the world

stop that screaming

and marching for social injustice

as fun

put in some fucking work

instead of jumping on the bandwagon

of the popular gun

Reveille calls us all

the death hall days

and ultraviolent rays

fun fun fun till

my daddy takes the T Bird away

root at the cause

find the truths that deserve our attention

no more Sideshow Bobs and terrorist dung

Say what needs to be said

and nothing more

give us the facts, factually

not faceted fallacy feted for Fomorian fuckheads

heavy brow mouthbreathers who spout

populist hate and espouse racial superiority


what a sham……’cause if it were true

in the hundreds of thousands of years

of human existence, I have to think

the difference would have come through…..

oh, wait, there was a hominid that rose to dominate!

Homo sapiens

all colors, sizes, shapes and creeds

let’s get it together people

get together

the only thing superior on this rock are the whales and cats

because they don’t involve themselves in this fucking



image courtesy of BBC and Thames Television



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