The Emergence Sea

a girl at the beach during a storm

Out on the Emergence Sea

so many days of sailing

prevailing winds and storms

set a course for me

I found my way to this place

so long ago

amid the wreckage and ghosts

of the mighty

I saw a man upon the shore

and I wondered what calamity

had left him broken on the sand

that is the way of the sea

many lost and lonely victims

emerging from the waters

why so many losses?

no longer to see or sing or feel or be

I help those I can

but there are no easy answers

and my hands tire very quickly

Upon the Emergence Sea

the waves are tall and the currents

so strong, it is often beyond your ability

to navigate the titanic forces

that push and pull catastrophe

towards you and me

we can only hope

for survival

and renewal, but the melancholy

eats away at vitality

and it becomes easy to curse God

and all of the outside forces

that have brought this ruin to be

there is always another emergency

upon this timeless beach

rushing from one hapless person to another

attempting to provide sustenance and succor

for another victim

upon the Emergence Sea

we can only set our prow to the sun

and hope for calmer waters

and look for new lands to see

but I know without knowing much

that there will always be another

hand to hold

in need.

We must all do what we can

for each other

out on the Emergence Sea


image courtesy of Joana Kruse and Pinterest

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