Longing…a little


A little longing goes a long way

I can still remember the feel

of the air you carry

when you are angry

It sometimes amuses me,


a little….

A little here, and a little there

the retributions feeling


inactive actions by

our joint decisions

despairing, incongruous….

a little.

Fear before I am forced

to ask for it

dance, sing, making merry

little people, so little

just a little

I need a little

to feel little

leaving may hurt?

….a little

do I bleed?

A little….

I will not miss you much, you know

just, maybe, perhaps, perchance

a little

9 thoughts on “Longing…a little

      1. I think I have learnt a lot and grown since I have been on WordPress. I initially came as support to my Father-in-law Orvillewrong. As he is known on WordPress.

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