intone the words

of bone

alone, do not


the reality

of stone

fall from a groan

onto the throne

commission the fallacy

intern the crone

dying sun shone

down on the ghouls

drinking the methadone

the color was roan, postpone

shiver shimmy shake

and phone for temerity

and testosterone

brevity astounds you

inside the cyclone

moan for the chaperone

disown the prophets

of all our loans

it’s grown

we hone our blades


in the zone

rise and dethrone

the deafening drone, intone

intone the words of bone


image courtesy of Pinterest

17 thoughts on “Intone

  1. Your style of rhyme and free verse writing is something that I respect of you.

    Gosh! you find ways of creating such different tones of poetic style and always takes the reader to another challenge of what poetry is and should always be. Love it my friend. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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