A rival

A rival

Burden of truth

marries you

to the burden of proof

the silence announces the arrival

trembling cinder tones

annotate the dissension

emanating from indiscernible distance

friends of Rome seeking

the coin for Charon

abate your chatter child

cease your prattle child

you are in the forge

we are drawing out the sword







burden of proof

binds you

to the burden of truth

now go and reap


the clash of steel

bent to will

shaped to slay

announce, a rival

survival, and a hard wind

will carry you child

the struggle will

deliver you

unto legend

Litter the field

with coins for Charon

the devil is in the details

and the details are your devil


image courtesy of  Photographer: H. James Hoff. Model: Ruca. 


17 thoughts on “A rival

  1. when i read your work, i find myself trying to imagine the circumstances of your life and how they all coalesced to give life to your expression. i have a curiosity and fascination about you in a way that i normally don’t consider upon reading any given poet’s work. the imagery and emotion you invoke are fascinating, to say the least. and i love your vocabulary. it always reminds me that i need to expand mine upon reading your words. i encounter more unknown words in your writing than anywhere else, i’m fairly certain.

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    1. A humbling compliment. I would counter by saying your vocabulary easily rivals mine. Your intelligence shines through in all of your work. As for how i arrived to my current style of expression, too many sci-fi fantasy novels, punk rock and heavy metal albums and a little bit of hard living 😉

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  2. “now go and reap
    A command. As if revenge and the will for it weren’t something deeply personal, spiritual even. And “reap Vengeance” is a big hint. As you said, “the devil is in the details.” I also really feel the phrase “trembling cinder tones”.

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