play the dimpled down players

and dulcet toned naysayers

they want to push it,

feed shit, under grit

sand bone force fit

downtime with the metronome

ugly malcontent, half-spent

allegory breathing life

where there was none before

a yellow door, another whore

no wife where there was one before

Impersonate the impersonators

to elevate your charitable collage

Intrude upon the thistles

sharkskin boots shining

like the predators they once were

soles find windpipes pop like

tarts getting toasted on cold nights

in an opioid gulag suburb

callous calculations cogitate

upon the sum of one

in your best homespun

even still, you shun everything

but your gun

caress my felonious heartstrings

warring with preternatural ambition

and deadly precision

leaving incision above left eye

navigate the cornerstone

of savage youth and

birthdays in the park

pray the decor matches

the ballistics

timelines twisted

slowing you down

chewing up ground

the inquisition horoscope

cabalistic fashionista

find a dime

in the limelight

fail to fall too far

slaving for some lovely


crumbling malleability

it chokes in starts

breaks apart

checking the boxes

on all your Jungian


catastrophe of immolation

conflagration of commonality

wounded, whisper words wise

into wind-sheared walls

tail in the air

and Cheshire Cat grin

looking for another

place to begin again.

Still we struggle;

my eyes are watering

from the stench of your sin.

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