Red Sun, whisper


propaganda concept

immaculate fools gathered in one place

on Tuesdays

this conversation will serve

no purpose…

it does not matter what order you learn it in

as long as you learn it

shave the blade

a razor  theology

black rose planted, its roots run deep

the heart darkens

a scowl decorates the features

of the shade

flit through the night

cloak shifting wind

visage burns unholy fire

genocide of convictions

death come on horse pale

whom will ride the red?

afraid of her rage-filled composure

 you know death when you find it in back-alley


mind as a ball of clay

shape it with untruth

to mold in image, make-over

suppresses thought

freedom of illusion

multiply weightless speech

carry on for generations, a bloody tradition


battered and broken, knife wound smiles

jagged scar inner eye

grinning jackal faces

divided on issues

racist jokes and political flops

start the heat

flash-fire in the hearts

of men

drowning rocks screaming to breathe

poison landscape assaulting life

escalate the conflicts, temperature infernal

needle sings to the needy, addictive abrasions

problems with people, secular

insular in your technical fortress

child of war

riders of wind

a weapon that is smarter than you are

strange how well we educate death,

more so than our children

come red sun, whisper

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