Hieroglyphic Postcards


And the child came to

the tower

but God was not home

a river meandered away

from heaven carrying hope

in caskets to be buried

at sea

Still I wonder why

Jesus has the shipping manifests

I guess dying for your sins just wasn’t enough

we can’t expect perfection to forgive us

Have we forgotten the faces of our


we move through quicksand

with placid expressions

the new bedroom will be delivered today; I

hear they are good for the soul

let’s go sleep number someone…

what good will the 

40 dollar Way Fair wind charm

do at the reckoning

where are the doors to the places

we belong

Art&dance&song civilized who?

the devils who grin and live on the

sounds of children at play

pray we never tear down the veil

oh, what a fine tapestry it is

I lost my life in that shade of blue

I awoke so high on my laughter 

I didn’t realize I had already died

my card in hand, happy

I received it for breaking

man, that card is neat

Why do those who watch allow us

to continue to paint

such poor pictures

Reading hieroglyphs for millenia

knowing the characters by heart

 the meanings still elude

transparent internal decomposition

berating the here and now

show us the way out

but do not expect a tip

my heart is weak and back is bent

sand has penetrated my thoughts

I cannot hold them in my fingers

the soft river of time folds back

into the universe below

the gods aware I have caused a

cataclysm over a spot of tea

we will sigh, and patiently

wait for our movie to start

hieroglyphic postcards explain our part


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