all right

this way

It’s garbage time

in my headspace

time to take out

the trash

Betty Lou is in

the corner

committing 4 ton murder

on her younger years

Zombie and the boys

bopping down back streets

virile mouths spitting fire

walking tall for no reason

none at all

I’m rolling dice on my friend

with a gin and soda grin

fuck your twist of lemon

make it bitter

a heavy hitter

square up to the sound

come round

It’s garbage day

in my town

why’s it so hard to come down?

It is the 3 days

that kill you

splinter cold vein pop

mind’s eye groove

blacked out

blue-eyed blonde

shaggin’ Shakespeare in

the corner

Bobby’s Mary Jane

lacing freon Friday

One punch man

dancing on the interstate

he was a good one mate

one last date

just distract us

with the next



it only hurts

when it burns

most times it’s

just ice

salty pretzel

and dime store brew

tip tomorrow’s burger

just to hear it go


nothing makes sense

to us

but it’s alright

high and tight

up and to the right

and we howl

all fuckin’ night

It’s garbage time

everything’s out of bounds

some of us never

come down

we just

lay down

parched and ragged

chopped up dollies

one man’s treasure

is another dead son

drop another one

in the ground

we’re all lost kin

in garbage town

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