Burning Blue


Sign the cue

right into two

fell through their purview

coming to

and the blue is burning

with a brutal poignancy

the unimaginative minds

conjugate the travesties


meander to the mean

without bounds

fend off one’s hound

unfettered furlough

we swing low

the carrion tattooed into steel

an unmaker in the carry-on

savage the wing with

forced respite

festival of shameless infatuation

the blue is burning

dropping dreams with ash and nickel

sleepy in the pure air

another life in breath

the compulsion to shout


mysteries to be tried

in the eyes we seem

to reach another lie

concussive exclamations

affirming this declaration

Coleridge characterization of the albatross

a loss

over the curving horizon

I misplace my agitation

cessation of condemnation

perspective premonition

surrendering to my fall

the blue is burning

stillness calls

offers of the further destination

our shadows fed to cremation

the flawless teeth of devastation

all of my understanding flees

from this revelation

the blue is burning

for some hazy canon

demoralized convictions.

The Blue Is Burning

and we are scattered angels

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