Temper temper

unrepentant apologies

flash-point peripheral

standard procreation

sub-optimal alliteration

juxtapose a finality

upon mind-bending


heard the herd run toward a curb

slipshod shitshow

worrying on the nod

8 cylinder biped

gloriously hateful

Machine shop low ride

drop top nonsense

no kidding around

when so down

all washed out

in the basin

Need to find that rest stop

for the spirit

close to empty

where can you buy

fuel for soul

open highway curtain call

just a little Need, just a small desire is all

tripping on a breakdown

cluttered cerebral


pavement back-beat

floating on rubber rearguard

chromatic armor thrumming

in time

with sporadic


piston pounding

out the sounds

of slow derision of self

on the shelf

by the pictures of formality

take the keys and run

must find more

before this half-life

eats the core, encore




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