Pioneering playthings

reconnect my sight

concussion prophets

find us away from reconciliation

If we live without fear

can we smile when we die?

Shove all of the signs

into the pyre

and recite the poems of disease

under the night sky

metallic pains taste of copper

unsettled issues cast out

Losing the future to the past

falling for just today

reap the silence of our accord

as the eyes stare your way

perhaps you will know

when they come to take you

running from a perfect dream

where nightmares can come true

bind the weak and docile in chains

Text me when you are through

make for certain there is no escape

the raptor’s eye and silent seas

are changing to cobalt blue


16 thoughts on “Cobalt

  1. “If we live without fear

    can we smile when we die?”

    I literally had chills reading this line!!! Such a savage for this piece… and I love me a bad ass…

    You go so deep with your words and I love it!!! Keep it coming… needed to feel these words today!

    Liked by 1 person

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