another notion


I felt the sound of the water

and her words were there

the water ate my father,

but his words were fair

when the day had left us,

languid and heartbroken

the night bestowed me

a chill as it laughed.

Interrupted by blindness

I sought to find a light

the notion of warmth

caused a torrid of movement

from my torpid corpse

Did I fail to mention

I die each night?

A quest for fire

so that I may see

and leave this cold

far behind me

I soon was to be gifted

a vision of hope

a fire flickered far

on the darkened horizon

run did I, as if fleeing

from myself

so fast I lost you

and everyone else

I did finally find that blaze

but in the clearing

where it burned,

there was naught for me

but smoking shadows

and a heavy haze

if only I had thought

of the those who

followed me

perhaps I would not be choking

on the fumes of calamity

alive in the head

but dead in the heart

I wait for a better son

to rise from where I lay

as dawn begins to paint

sky in comforting art


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