Minutes, Pt.2



Keep with the forced faith

read your instructions

strike in hatred for it will cleanse

or destroy us delicately

no one can feel the indolent passage

of too much time, osmosis of the dangers

fear spawned fool in mud-field

given implements of demise

the sounds of atonement have no purpose

increase your production by sleeping with the lepers

he pained to hear her name

driving through shell shock

the endless weave a scrambled stream of thread

leading to nowhere

I must speak, whom will live

not caring for the inbred dogs, so much

cattle in chains, debase your ignorance

You show me how to breathe

flay the carcass, sweet lassitudes

loiter near the temples to glimpse the divine

twisting lapses of unconsciousness

wine spilled on sap

a cut across the eye, drinking from lead rivers

an evening star, cross is broken

a gay man looks across the street

then walks slowly, he must travel with friends

safety in numbers

meanings obscure promiscuous mothers

birth down the alleyways, dying in white

sex is the best weapon!

To the rest, rest well

fare the well

our authority must die

unwillingly in pleasure

a Trojan convention mouthing obscenities

vandalize the cripples and smash the rebels

virus takes your soul, you

misinterpret a moot concept

come to terms and cope as well

the snake is deadly and cold.

Television my favorite pretension

an unending stream of consciousness

babbling Bacchus erudition

the morning reaches a pornographic idea

the children gather to teach each other growth

expand the maw of the horrid beast with

perfumed pleasure, the smell of carnage

gains strength in the usage

power plays deteriorate the outcome

rival masks, plastic people bid for other people

Another Nevada Summer

a bitter caress in anger

succeed in the nothing, for it is

a selfish notion

the clock stops for no one, time is the key

doorways to the supernatural

a beautiful monster of Lovecraft visions

my virgin bride

Do You KNOW?

pyramidal shapes the forsaken branded

outlaw and exile alike will lead tomorrow

Towers of glass so fragile, impact is vague

yet it is felt

reveal the sorrow from your cloak of abuse

In the end, we all sing in unison

sluggish movement, the wheel begins to turn

our being begins to rot

pitch your tent, stoke the campfire

screening silence where life is bought

the world is turning



and it continues



21 thoughts on “Minutes, Pt.2

  1. You, Sir, are possessed of a mind-blowing talent for words, that I can but only dream of. Pt 2 of this I found even more staggering than the first. Imagery dripping from the tongue of my mind’s voice like molasses as I read this. Phenomenal work.

    Liked by 1 person

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