Minutes, pt.1


grey with anguish in pain I feel.  The known is not forever

forest red roads glitter, showing home

blind faith sea moves with the blood, whisper the moon

crowns of coins, to be here is to fall low, I think

melancholic moods shifting eyes seek the mind

at one with her brooding, universe stretches

across voiceless reaching tundras of mistakes and forgotten promises

violent emotions raging horizons burning, the bird speaks

ancient sequences that flow across lakes in darkness

spearheading the dawn, severed ties of kin, poor

boy starves with an anarchist saint, gone to the hell we all recognize

a simple smile trace wisdom taints, riding, riding on and on

to birth civilization per capita world-wide beliefs sullen

infinite symbols in finite time, student taught all of the nothings we

can share, gifts of love and survival.  Shifting moods eclipse

faces gone by, nodding in slumber’s fire, an air of power

an aura of improbability, or perhaps reality?

donate to life’s river in given pain sifting silence

audacious extreme tripping on monogamy

female business, watery pale and driven by element

highway trails the seven of night pass too few

minutes in idleness, a strange kill to stage

the torn flesh appeasement, crucifixion mainframe

IRSFBICIANSB close fist powers in shadow

broiling brains in ramen and crystal, cooking a fine submission

dwell in your doubt with a most noble certainty

Autumn son finding no life on his island, frustrating

the nonsensical applications, hushed and battered

conform conform conform or pay or pay or pray or stay or play

or pay

revolution is a child, mine own offspring, give or take without words

a ritual sustaining you with animalistic furies and chew toys

bitch is frisky and bored, preys upon the strong instead

hooks in skin, pull pull again in the comfort of your own home

I love her, does she know?

my hand is an old weapon, the clouds carry a portent

abodes lightless, no life? query:unknown

affirmative answer.  ?confirmation, confrontations

that mean nothing, all leads to the current focus of life

acceptable levels of violence we must always display

industries kill to make us happy, everyone smiles their death-grins

and cackle hellishly, Where Am I?  sold your soul

the stove needs coal, another one coal dusted gunned down

misdemeanor:  Am I nothing? no worries will be here

winning losses, the mass soul cries and howls with rage

diseased figures, marionettes with no values enshroud

the whore, principles of her wrath fingers shattered

tears shed by the sea, skies black bending intercity

society procreation, kill the young those who follow a herd

of sheep lambs to slaughter rape insolence crowd changing

their colors red-blue-green-grey-white-black an illness

spreads fed well, trapped in the vest, pulsing in chest

asylum screams witness to misinformation in a maelstrom

of people institute of dismemberment of my humanity

corpses tread upon, a forgotten wasting wasted in

disgust for the dogs, rubber dreams, scorn wishes of

hope seek to be lost and never found

limbo, hell, or heaven?  certainly he walks the black steps

white walls, green sheets, buy the burdens and lament

life for games the system plays well dying is prudent

“of course”, she says to the young man in virulent emotion

can you explain the movement deep, never so foolish in suicide…

To Be Continued…

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