the touch of the taste of patterns

in my drying mouth

forgone conclusions river rise

in the summer south

you will never quiet someone

like me ever again

the combustible secret stolen out

under you my friend

seeking signing soiree eyes

dark raven black point

movements in rhythm quaking

tearing at the joint

mobile massive missives masticate

unnerve today fate

many times over the process

unable replicate

another missing picture faded

on the crumbling wall

hand and head and feet and ears

ringing drowned doll

I don’t recognize featured masque

becoming my mother

hearts outside beating peaks

hands not of lover

correlate contrivance drug hush

rag thing sleeping smoke

gun and knife and noose and fire

memento mori

Brittle bursting base brutality

bits pieces story

cramp twitching confused cast-off

turn inward hateful

Pulsing portent protesting pull

grubby worm plateful

Homicida non grata maleficus

snuff my young candle

stalking hunt hound hurtful

malice moribund

link of gold and skin and brush

community stunned

I hide and seek and find

failing the evening

turn and churn and burn, unlearn

thrilling stop breathing

the taste of touch of patterns

in my screaming mind

haunting in soft outer circles

the next one I find





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