My Fear

My Fear

Pander to the knowing

rough cheek rouge red

slapped resounding cutting monolithic

like the ego burning at the front

In mourning find amusement

In sorrow cannot fathom

what your abuse meant

sign of love, gift of hate

what was the need you possess

to feed me scraps from your plate

I desire the longing of peace

I beg for another blow to the head

being unconscious is a small release

I do not know if you be man or beast

Your eyes scream with the knowledge of violence

I grow so small I am become least

Ponder all the knowing

bruised cheek rouge red

no more can I suffer

this can no longer stay under the covers

I must begin to stand on my own

I feel steel resistance in my bones

soon my love, very near my dear

I will return this hurt and teach you

something of my


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