Common Ground

I do not often express my religious or political views, but this poem came to me after watching the events that have unfolded in the past few weeks.  Make of it what you will.


Had hope for common ground

within the sound

of your voice

the shaking and the breaking

constant quaking of home

has become penultimate


strive to come up with your

comeuppance, can only

navigate the pittance left

by your happenstance



Hallelujah rings from the halls

of the misbegotten

veritable amnesty required

unfriendly once again

howling for moonshine

in our rain slickers

secure me for your own security

never you mind what once was

it is now hollow

and stinks of fear

remind all of the terrorists

we’re in terror

unabashed whimsical archetypes

flood the flat screens

of domicile

anachronistic saviours

of salacious ceremony

red religion sits

to be judged on your beginnings

by those with poor judgement

air out your grievance

discern the differences

we all deserve a chance

to be free

just as long as it doesn’t affect


open only to close

when needed most

marooned, cast away

to find another way

incite incisors to

cause incision

upturned incursions

we desperately wish to avoid

catch and release

scratch away at the peace

de resistance

let us eat another entreaty

for one nation

under God

you become invisible

with negligibility and injustice

I am appalled

this is not who

we are meant to be

our fathers raised us better

their hands are our hands

they are there to hold

pieces of peace are lonely words

but together, they make us


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