uncage the notion

formulate formation

fastidious fallacies foment

appraisal, reprisal

questions that leave scar tissue

stitches pulled by rotting


armored in sacrilege

it was the power to be

I have come to believe

that was the ruin of me

pity party on roller skates

fresh loves and stalemates

ambiguous, amoral

ostentatious libations

crumbling from the


cavernous collapse

bursting synapse

impulsive indecision

excruciating retrovision

to go back

to go back

to go back…

the only way is forward

or down

under, underneath moist

quiet dark

home to the nameless

ending in the return

fostering selfish

and self-righteous


I need to know

I want to know

how to go on

when the path


is to be walked


and in agony

of scarlet missteps

so many parts

torn from me


in the thorns

beside the road

already tread

so little left to gather

and push


when I desire

to lay down

and close these tired eyes

hum along to the song

of the river

Oh, I know I am fading

like the failing light

of the long day

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