Never Far From Me


Seeking mischief in former

minutes, we tessellate the pool

water, pulled out by buckets

shower, bodies and hair beading

oils of lavender, rose and cream

something good awaiting us at the

interlude, four-score and 7 minutes

in your gravity, I stumble out in rapture

enraptured, grievances lost and abandoned

along the way, not once this close to anyone

than this motley assemblage of teen angst

and cool clothing, jackets made by local

designer among the waves, and Doc Marten Tees

spin the bottle and lie anyway, tongue in cheek

Drink Drink Drink Drink BONG

Never will we love like we did, my

saviours of reckless youth, feckless divines

they do not know but I remember how

they delivered me from the life crush

darkness of myself, once upon the far

longing of loneliness. I never shared but you knew

I am so happy you found me, and accepted all

of the What, Where, Who and How


you are never far from me, in memory

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