The things you said aren’t often true

As I watch them fall out of you

I’ll touch the grain

my lips will bleed

I’ll worship your shadow

until it leaves

Images imprint all of the feelings

I am supposed to have

they tell me when I am failing

and when to laugh

I will care for someone

after I pay the toll

time can tell you a story

but cannot make you whole

so sway to the music

and turn the page

brothers of blood

sweating in afternoon sun

I’ve seen the play

it has just begun

pride my lover

whiskey my friend

you always wind up

replaying the end

act with me

I’ll be the creep

in scenes thick with violence

don’t breathe too deep

do it with might

or don’t do it at all

maybe just for fun

or all for the cause of justice and right

most probably, though

all just for spite

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