Going Under the Bell Jar in Thailand-Georgia Park/Secret Bad Thoughts

The incredible Georgia Park

A Global Divergent Literary Collective

“I have to tell you something….I’m up for a promotion!”

“Oh my god, congratulations. You deserve it!”

Was a much easier conversation than,

“I’m trying again to make it to France.”

“What? You’re leaving?”

“You just told me you were going to Thailand.”

“Yeah, but…I wasn’t serious…”

I have to wonder

as I lay in her bed

holding her hand

if i meant it

if they invited me back

into a violent protest

to cover it

would the opportunity

make up for the lack of men

should i go into

an ivory tower again?

Being in the wrong country

feels like a rose wilting

under a bell jar

but here, too,

there’s nothing

I couldn’t trust him

I couldn’t get that job

I don’t like school

i liked her, alot

and here,

she’s leaving too

[Georgia Park is creator of Private Bad Thoughts, curator of Whisper and the Roar

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