Shoreline – Howl Davies

Howl Davies

Sudden Denouement Collective

We stand like stones
beside the throes of the ocean,
beneath the gaze of
the holiest of crows
floating above the bones
and wreckage of those lost
at sea, you let your
pride swell and you sank with
an anchor at your feet,
cursing the moon
to let the water just recede,
pleading with every angry
to allow yourself to
swim out in decline,
the commotion of being
born of immaculate design,
you stand alone inside the mountain,
shouting that you want to call god
on a burner
to hide your trail,
to scorn him, to convince yourself
that you aren’t yearning for something
more, learning that there’s
no one there
to stop the drone. What are you
holding to? Solitude
asks nothing of us, and you
shouldn’t be ashamed. Scared,
maybe, but bring that to the
light and up it goes in flames,
four hours wandering
the skin…

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9 thoughts on “Shoreline – Howl Davies

      1. I think Christine works her socks off, I’m so indolent compared to her, I really admire that about her, as well as her creativity, I think you both are powerhouses of creativity and you attract those types of people to you.

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      2. Thank you my friend. Christine is so motivated, tireless. We’re very glad to have her. You are a powerhouse as well. It baffles me how everything you write is just brilliant

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      3. Says the person who does EXACTLY THE SAME THING! 😉 (true dat) yeah have you ever seen Christine bleed? I told her I need proof she’s not from another planet, they don’t make em like her very often if ever, she’s incredible, I have this ridiculous amount of respect for that woman it’s unreal, she inspires me.

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